Business Services

At Matrixx Management we know there are constant challenges in business today when competition is fierce, with a marketplace that is changing, when disruption is occurring, or additional resources are harder to find. Our services will work with you to unpack a variety of solutions, and to maximise those key resources. Consider us the extra pair of experienced hands when you need them.

We also know every sales team needs a set of tools, training and mentoring to help them rise to the top, that your marketing team also needs to continually think laterally on how to reach those untapped audiences.

Simple questions you might ask in your business that are big game changers:

  1. What is in place to build in important pipeline business & what is missing?
  2. How can we improve our sales team’s business performance, what could we change with some help?
  3. What does our strategy look like around networking, is there a clear focus for development of pipeline relationships?
  4. How are we nurturing our relationships, what is the ongoing communication strategy, and what are the triggers for business?
  5. What is our online marketing platform look like, is it generating leads, how functional is it, and how is your data capture working?
  6. Is there a mentoring program in place, regular training and a time management focus?
  7. Are the mechanics of the team right and working efficiently, how can we improve this, what can we change and what lateral elements are missing?
The challenges are endless, but our support is priceless!

Why not have a ‘no obligation’ talk to us about your business, and let us help you find some solutions. Let’s finish the conversation where you are not just on track, but on the charge in your marketplace.